Monday, March 6, 2017

Its F**king Life Changing...

SO what exactly do you do?

Simply put, I'm an online health and fitness coach, so that means I chat with people about their health and fitness goals, set them up with all the tools they need to CRUSH them, and keep them accountable while mentoring them along the way. I have built a fitness brand for myself through social media and continue to grow my audience with the intention of reaching more people who need my help and share with them what I have to offer. The mission of this business is to share the tools we are confident will aid in decreasing the obesity epidemic in the US and Canada.

How do you get paid?

I get paid in lives changed. We measure our success by the number of people we help each month. Every person that we get set up with a program and help see the duration of that program through is where my paycheck comes from. It's fulfilling in more ways than just money in my bank; although that is helpful too. 

To be frank: we receive a commission from each life we help change. If we continue to help individuals along on their journey we get a residual income each month. Lastly, when we get to the point where we need help with the influx of clients, we grow a team of leaders we train to help change lives too. 

Why did you decide to start this coaching thing?

Oh so many reasons! Coaching honestly kept me accountable on my own health and fitness journey. I'm achieving my dream body and doing the programs we offer. I was always into fitness and the gym but these programs took it to an entirely new level. So, of course, you don’t have to be perfectly fit to become a coach.

Secondly, coaching aligned all my passions. I love caring for, helping and motivating others, and I love fitness and nutrition. You don't have to have a degree to do what I do, it's helpful, but I started this because I knew all the tools would be provided to me, all the training would be at my disposal, and there's no way I could fail with the support of my team. 

Thirdly, A HUGE reason I started was because I could be home and available to our kids. My husband is an active duty military firefighter, he works LONG hours, and is gone often. We wanted our kids to have at least one parent who was always there for them.

So you do this full time now?

Yes, I am a full time health and fitness coach, working from home, making my own hours and bossing myself around. Some coaches work their businesses along with another full time job, some are stay at home moms who work full time around their kids schedules, some have no kids and have built their businesses up so they can work from home making their own hours.

The vital priorities of a coach could take as little as 30 minutes to an hour each day, so if you’re intentional about your time you can still be successful. Many of the most successful coaches worked a full time job while building their business and have kids. They were eventually able to quit their other job, so my point being you don’t have to have an abundance of free time to do what I do.

I am currently working 4-6 hour days when it feels like two.. because I love my job. I get my top priorities (the essentials) done in the first hour and everything else is extra work I put in to move my business along at a faster pace. I never would have imagined I’d find a job I’m excited to wake up and dedicate my entire day to. I never imagined something like this would create this drive in me.
What potential does this business have?

This business has as much potential as you are willing to give it. By this I mean, of the 450,000 coaches in the US & Canada today, it doesn’t work for everyone. WHY? Because many of these people aren’t patient, are not consistent, and are unwilling. Being patient means that you don’t expect to get rich quick. It means that you know it’s not always going to be easy but you keep the fire burning inside you to push through it. Being consistent means showing up every single day and being a motivator to your followers. I can’t disappear from my social media for days and expect my business to move forward. Consistently doing the vital priorities is bound to bring success. Unwilling, means they are not willing to put themselves out there on social media, they are not willing to invite and share about the opportunity their business has to offer, and they are not willing to make this a priority over other things in life.

The financial potential stems from being patient, consistent, and motivated. I see the potential this business has for my future. There are coaches that are my age and younger, have been running the business for 1.5-3 years and are making as much as $2,000-12,000+ PER WEEK, because they show up every day, because they are consistent, patient, and they are CHANGING LIVES. Coaches are bringing their husbands home from work by the age of 35, building their customized dream homes, traveling the world, growing a family. The potential I see in this business is providing more than a full time income so I can support my family, build a savings, travel, build an orphanage, provide for underserved communities, and so much more.

Did you have to invest in this business?

The investments into businesses whether it’s a small business or a franchise, is often millions of dollars that take years to earn back. I invested $140 into this business that I made back within 3 days… $140 provided me with a full fitness program including workouts, a nutrition guide, portion control containers, a nutrition shake, and new coach training. How many business investors can say they got products from the deal?

We invest in the programs because in order to be confident in sharing that these products are effective, we need to utilize them ourselves. Personally, I wasn’t great at sharing the products until after I was transformed by them. We are proof the products work, and therefore invest ONLY $140-200 into a program to start as a coach.

Is there a monthly fee? 

When you think of business owners and all that it entails, do you think about revenue, crunching the numbers and statistics, volume, shipping and handling? Do you think about taking inventory, customer service, hiring employees and renting a space? Well, in this business all of that and all the other business logistics I know nothing about is taken care of for me, for $15 per month. I never have to handle a customers products, get their address & ship it. I never have to worry about tracking the volume my team is generating or commissions.

Secondly, going along with being proof of the product, I have Shakeology on an automatic monthly shipment which is about $99 and is entirely paid for with my commissions. Many people may say Shakeology is expensive, I find the ones who perceive it this way, don’t realize what Shakeology actually is. I’ll save that explanation for another blog.

I drink Shakeology monthly for 3 reasons: The immense improvements I’ve seen in my health since I’ve begun drinking it, it’s the most delicious and healthiest thing in my meal plan, and it keeps me active as a coach. Being active as a coach means that I qualify for business building incentives and rewards such as free products, bonuses ($), paid vacations, exclusive trainings and more. 

What is your favorite part about coaching?

There are three TOP things I love most about coaching. The fact that I get to meet new people, get to know them well, and help them achieve their fitness goals, all from the comfort of my own home is amazing in more ways than one. I have met people that I would never have come across in my daily life. I am friends with people across the country whom I have never met in person.

I get messages regularly telling me how much I inspire, motivate and have helped change their life. The most rewarding aspect of this job are those messages that bring me to tears from being so proud of an individual I’ve never even met. Messages like “The dress fits!” Or “I did it! I lost 20 pounds!” “You inspired me and changed my life!” This is part of the job, how amazing is that?

My third favorite part of coaching is the community of Fitbosses that I have been so welcomed into. The support, friendships, and drive I have developed from this community is unlike anything I have ever known. Upon joining this TEAM, I found that there are women out there that are ambitious, driven, goal-oriented, passionate, and have everything it takes to be a #Girlboss. This community is the most caring, trusting, supportive and unexplainable thing I have ever been apart of.

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